Local Estate Agents Need To Know This!

Are you a local estate agent?

A picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to property.

Where can you post pictures of your properties without having to pay a penny? On social media, of course!

If you're an estate agent that still can't get their head around all this social media malarky, you need to act fast, because your competitors will clean up if you don't.

Just take Instagram, a global phenomenon with over 1 billion users.
Look at Facebook with over 2 billion daily users, or Youtube, again with over 2 billion users.
That's just three social media platforms, there are many more.
In 2020, over 3.6 billion people were using social media worldwide; it's predicted that by 2025 over 4 billion people will be on it.

Every day on social media there are daily active users, ranging from first-time buyers to second steppers, relocators, landlords, tenants, property investors and anyone and everyone in between.

What is the one thing that you can do to grab their attention? Post a picture! or even better a video; just try to get visual with your social media posts.

People by nature are curious, they love to see the inside of a swanky or quirky house, especially if it's designed fabulously.
Millions of visits are made to the property portal Rightmove every month; lots of people just want to browse the property pics, with dreams of moving one day.

As an estate agent, you might think how will someone adding pictures and videos of properties to their vision board help you.
These people may be future first-time buyers or perhaps they're planning to move on when the children leave home. There may be many reasons why they're not ready to buy now, but once they are you'll want them to contact you.

Use pictures and videos today to attract buyers and sellers of tomorrow.

There's a high standard expected from property pics especially if you're posting them to Instagram. As an estate agent you must always be presenting your clients' properties at their absolute best, so no uploading grainy pictures and never use filters.
Have a look at abbotFox estate agents on Instagram and see how well they use the platform to showcase their property pictures.

Property videos can be presented in many different ways and it would be up to you as an estate agent to find your style. You might want to walk around the house presenting the different rooms, that way you add a human touch. If you're not comfortable on camera then perhaps video each room and then add a voice over to it.

From now on don't just post your pictures to the property portals think about where else you could be displaying them.
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