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Instagram is made for estate agents!

83% of the world’s population use Instagram and 81% use Instagram to research a product or service before committing, so if you aren’t making the most of this platform then you are missing out.

There are social media experts and managers that you can hire to produce content and run your platform for you, however, you don’t need one of these to produce great content yourself and engage your audience.

Posting on your page is a company portfolio, it is showcasing your services and creating a relationship with your audience before they become customers. Knowing that most people look up a company’s page before engaging with their services, you need to make potential customers feel like they know you before they even meet you.

Here are the ways you can overhaul your Instagram page and your online presence.

Optimising your page

Optimising your page means making it as searchable as possible to those users that search Instagram as much as they search Google. Here’s how you can get the most from your page:

 You need to have your keyword that people would search for in your Instagram name, this is searchable, so: ‘Perfect Place Estate Agents’ and not just 'Perfect Place'

Note: You only have 30 characters for your Instagram name; if you can't fit "estate agent" to your name don't worry, just make sure to select 'category' and then select 'estate agent'. This will then show up just under your Instagram name and works very much the same.

 Your bio should be succinct and about your business, with a call to action, but it's also a great place to utilise those secondary keywords. So, as you're an estate agent, use the words ‘property’ or ‘selling’ in your bio.

 Also, ensure you have listed your location.

 Your page needs to be a business page with a call or an email button making it easy for clients to make contact.

 Always include a link to your website.

These quick easy wins are guaranteed to make your page look professional and more searchable, which is a step in gaining more followers and higher engagement. 


 All content should be engaging and aim to provide value to your audience. Your content should fall into the following pillars: educational, entertaining, or informative. To create your perfect content, you need to list your company’s core values and goals, and then create content ideas that invoke those values and goals whilst falling into the core content pillars. 

 Content ideas for estate agents:

  •  Ways to increase house value
  •  How to prep for an open house
  •  Market/industry news
  •  House listings
  •  House tours
  •  Client reviews
  •  Company information
  •  Staff profiles


 Instagram stories are perfect for quick form content that engages your audience. It helps build a relationship with your followers by providing them exclusive behind the scenes, day-to-day insights into your business and role. Additionally, stories have easy to go content to help you with ideas, such as polls, Q&As and quizzes. As an estate agent, you could do interactive stories such as ‘guess the house price?’ Or house tours, post up open house event details complete with countdown for your followers to set reminders, so they don’t miss your event.

Stories can also be saved permanently to your Instagram in highlights, you can name these highlights so they are easy to find for your audience. Highlights such as company information, FAQs, customer reviews, staff profiles and moving day pictures.


 Instagram Reels are the hot content of Instagram, they are easy to consume and have a high reach beyond your following, therefore they help grow your account more than any other content. Reels can be anything from informative to fun. There is a trick to navigating reels and utilising them to their full potential, by scrolling through reels yourself you’ll pick up on what is trending, what music to use in your reel or what trend you could recreate yourself.


 You will see nearly every business and individual using hashtags, that is because these are searchable, so if someone searches #propertybrighton this will bring up all posts that have used that hashtag. This hashtag searching is like the Google of social media, so by using 7-10 hashtags that are perfect for your business and audience you are making your company searchable. Additionally, if you use your own hashtag, such as #smithbrownestateagent it encourages your clients to use it too, again, furthering reach.

Instagram Ads

 These are an amazing, affordable tool that enables you to design your advert and work through a selection process to target your desired client. You can tailor location and radius, demographics, interests and more, so creating an ad is a great way to promote your business or a house that has been on the market for a little while.

Using these fundamentals you can conduct an Instagram audit of your own and start showcasing your business to its full potential.

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