How To Sell Your Products on Facebook

Are you using Facebook to sell your products?

"If not why not?

As a business owner, you should utilise all tools available to you, both for maximising sales and presenting your business professionally. When it comes to selling your products, Facebook is a great platform for your business, when used properly. As a platform, it is great for a personalised customer experience and to help your business find the right customers with its algorithm. Additionally, it automatically shows people businesses in their area when they search for something. Enabling your business location will help your business to show up in local searches. 

Firstly, you want to ensure you present your products in a manner that stands out and is relatable to your target audience. For example, if you sell dog accessories then images showing these products in use is far more appealing than the product just on its own. Videos can drive higher overall engagement, a video of a cute dog wearing a tweed collar and dog coat is always going to get plenty of likes and comments.

Take this first step, have good content prepared for when you set up your Facebook page.

When setting up your Facebook account you’ll need to set it up for "Business", then you'll be able to set up a Facebook shop. The main benefit of having a Facebook shop is that customers can browse your products without feeling that they've left Facebook. The Facebook shop offers a good user experience, making it easy to purchase products with just a couple of clicks. Once your shop is set up you can also tag any product in your shop in a Facebook post, this is a great tactic to use to get potential customers to find out about your products.  

Once you’re all set up, it's time to start engaging and posting those amazing images. At this point, you want to be working with hashtags and finding groups to engage with. For example, if you sell dog-related products, joining, and posting in dog walking groups puts your content in front of your niche customers. It's important not to spam these groups, some considered and relevant, varied posts on a bi-weekly basis will be well received. Additionally, join your local small business groups, these groups often allow for you to advertise your business once a week and can be a great way to network.

Facebook allows you to boost posts and create ads. Boosted posts are an excellent way to increase brand awareness when you're a beginner and on a small budget. Boosted posts can increase engagement, clicks to a website or gain likes. Advertising on Facebook allows you to create a unique advert that doesn't have to be seen on your business page; you can also run a set of adverts to see what one converts better. 

Advertising on Facebook can be very targeted, especially if you want to target potential customers who have already visited your website.

 If you can, it can be hugely beneficial to pay an expert in Facebook adverts for their services to optimise your advertising to its maximum potential.

Although learning to sell your products on Facebook can feel daunting, once you have navigated the initial setup process, you should start to reap the benefits. 

Like anything keep at it, learn what works best and then do more of that.

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