Facebook For Estate Agents

Facebook Is Good For Estate Agents

Facebook isn't as cool as it used to be with the young generation and it seems these days they're hanging out on TikTok. This doesn't mean that estate agents shouldn't bother with it, Facebook is still the daddy of social media and your audience is using it. 

With approximately 2.89 billion people using it you'd be a brave business to ignore it.

Statista.com reports that there are over 30m UK residents using Facebook every month. That's a lot of people and many will be selling their home, in the market for a new one or wishing to rent one.

Think of Facebook as a community that you need to engage with, entertain and educate.

 Starting a Facebook business page and posting the odd picture of a house is not going to work, people can go to Rightmove for that.

Facebook is the beast of social, the more social you are on Facebook, the more reach you'll get.

Reach is what you need if you're to get more people to like or follow your page and take notice of your posts.

It doesn't mean you can't post pictures of lovely homes but it means you must be selective. Homes with the wow factor can definitely be posted to your Facebook page as well as a picture of a beautifully designed room or an unusual bath. 

You must give your audience a reason to visit your page, look out for your posts, and to want to share your posts. Having people share your posts will get your brand to reach more people. 

How should estate agents use Facebook effectively? 


For many selling or buying a home is overwhelming, make it easy for people by giving them tips. Tell them what happens when their home goes on the market. Give them tips on staging their home or how to create a good looking garden that will wow buyers.

Help people to understand the industry lingo so they're not bamboozled by words they've not heard before. Help first time buyers understand the schemes available and how to get a mortgage.

If you provide all this information it builds trust and people are more likely to want to use your services when the time comes for them to move home.

The scoop 

Humans are curious and feeding that curiosity on Facebook will get you brownie points. Your Facebook community want to emotionally connect with you, not just as an estate agency. This means letting them know who the team is, if you have an office dog they want to see it, if a member of the team gets a promotion they want to know, the same goes if they have a baby!  

Company culture 

What's the culture like in your estate agency?  If it's a fun, vibrant place then let your audience see that in the pictures you post. Perhaps you hold regular training sessions in the office, this is good to post so people can see that you care about your employees' development. Having a good company culture and a happy team will help your agency attract more customers.


Talk about where your estate agency is based, post pics of the views or local facts. Since the pandemic, so many people are relocating to new areas and they are seeking out as much information about these locations. Local people love to see posts about where they live, whether it's how it used to look in the 1950s or how pretty it looks now. If your estate agency doesn't have fields of poppies across the road then look for landmarks or trendy cafe's to post about

Offline community 

In marketing, we chat about the offline-online mix a lot. What you do offline should be posted online, which can then be shared and more people become aware of you. It also works the other way, you should create posts for online to market what you're doing offline. 

Your offline community could be a local charity that you raise money for; creating posts about this charity and what you do for it raises awareness online for the charity and your brand. 

Perhaps your estate agency allows your staff to take half a day off a month to volunteer for local groups, this is something else you would chat and post about online. It might even be a monthly litter pick up campaign that you've organised at the local park, all of this brings your offline and your online world together.

These are just some ways that estate agents can make Facebook work for them

Once you've grasped the basics then there's so much more you can do. 

  • Facebook adverting 
  • Videos 
  • Facebook events 
  • Groups 
  • Jobs
  • Podcasts 
  • And more!

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