Recruitment Marketing

Compliment your current recruitment strategy with the power of social media marketing. Our social recruiting specialists can help you to increase the quality of your candidates, decrease the time to hire and reduce your cost to hire. 

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Social Recruiting

Many candidates don't use job boards, and many are not actively looking to change job roles. These sought after candidates can be reached by the power of social media.

Candidates are more open to being approached about job opportunities when it's done via social media.
Your ideal hire is online and social recruiting will help you to attract and source them.

Recruitment Advertising

When you invest in advertising on social media you get to target and reach your ideal candidate quickly. Retargeting also falls into social recruitment advertising; once a candidate visits your site they can be retargeted/remarketed on social media. From creating a candidate persona, getting the audience right, to creating the adverts our specialists have plenty of experience.

Employer Brand

By investing in your employer brand you'll be three times more likely

to make a quality hire.
Increase your exposure to candidates by having a strong message that can be shared easily online. Your employer brand will show candidates why you're the preferred employer and why they should choose your company. Stand out above your competitors and attract the best talent for your business.

Team Training

Up-skill your recruitment team

or train the trainer.
Provide your recruitment department with the skills to use social media to recruit. Once armed with these skills a lot of the traditional recruiting methods that no longer work can be replaced with something that will achieve results.

Ambassador Programme

When social flows advocacy grows.
It's all well and good to say this is how we're recruiting now but it's better when there is more than one saying it. The magic number is three, a group of employer brand ambassadors are able to encourage the workforce to adapt to the new ways of recruiting quickly.

Recruitment Website

Whether you're an employer or a recruiter you'll still need an easy to navigate career or recruitment website. A portal purely for candidates to find out about the organisation, its culture, the value proposition as well as career and job opportunities is easier than searching around on your main website.

86% of candidates are not actively looking; let us help you to recruit unreachable candidates.

73% of 18-34 year-olds found their last job through social media.

To reach Generation Z your recruitment strategy must include social recruiting.

Benefits of Social Recruiting  

Reduced costs

Quality candidates 

Higher candidate conversions 

Decreased time to hire 

Increased exposure

A competitive advantage

Long term impact

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