Social recruiting

Training For Recruiters/ Hiring Managers/ HR & Employers Looking To Attract & Source Talent Are you struggling to attract talent? Are you spending lots of money but receiving poor results?

Discover Social Recruiting!

Your “ideal candidate” is most probably working for your competitor. Your “ideal candidate” is not an active job seeker. Thereʼs a race for talent, itʼs time to get fully equipped! 

Course Content:

This course covers the following:  

Introduction to social recruiting

Setting your strategy

Candidate attraction

Candidate sourcing

Company culture

Talent communities

Employer brand ambassadors

Showcasing the employer brand

X-Ray search

Mobile social recruiting

Best practice

Raising your employer profile

The recruiting/marketing mix

Useful tools

Case studies

Driving traffic to your careers page

Establishing a routine 

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This course is an investment because of:

Reduced recruiting costs

Talent attraction

Talent retention

Increased media exposure

Long term impact

High acceptance rates

Decreased negatives

A competitive advantage

Preferred employer brand  

Who should attend



Hiring Managers


Social selling 

According to Forbes, 79% of salespeople who use social media to sell outperform those who don’t. Gain the confidence to use social media effectively in your sales process and generate more revenue.

Discover Social Selling! 

91% of B2B buyers are active online and are using social media Social selling is about leveraging your social network to find the right prospects, build relationships, and ultimately, achieve your sales goals.

Course Content

This course covers the following:

What is social selling and what it is not

Understanding the changing face of sales

Understanding buyer behaviours

Learn how to engage today’s buyer

Optimising online profiles

Attracting new clients

Effective ways to generate leads

How to gather prospect intelligence

How to amplify your brand

Discover the T. A.P method

Understand social selling best practice

Social selling guidelines

The importance of social flow

How to align sales and marketing

Create a social sales strategy

What success looks like


This course is an investment because of:

Increased leads

Increased sales

Laser target prospects

Customer retention

Understanding the buyer journey

Repeat business

Increased recommendations

Stronger customer relationships

Wider brand awareness

Extended network

Who should attend

Sales managers

Team leaders

Sales executives

Junior sales reps 

Social media marketing 

Are you using social media for your business but not getting the results you thought you’d have? Do you regularly wonder how other businesses have success with it but you continue to struggle. Are you looking to use social media to take your business to another level?

Discover Social Media Marketing!

On this course, you will learn how to market your business successfully on social media

This course covers:

How to stand out above everyone else

How to use social media to drive traffic

Keeping ahead of the competition

Maximising your online activities

Creatively encourage engagement

Building a loyal community

Converting website visitors into customers

How to measure success   

Effective online-offline marketing mixes

Discover the power of your own profile

Marketing tactics that reach more people

The platforms that best fit your business

Adopting the social way

What gets said about your brand

This course is an investment because of:

Having action points to implement

A social media marketing strategy

The social know how for brand promotion

A new found confidence

An online toolbox

Intention and not "post & pray"

Who should attend

Marketing team


Brand ambassadors

SME owners

The training demonstrates how social media can propel your business. You will be given the key elements of a successful social media campaign. The training is packed with in-depth advice with plenty of hands-on exercises.

Take Your Business To The Next Level.

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