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Social media is a valuable tool for property marketing

When used effectively- it’s a free resource to engage with potential clients 24 hours a day. However, a social media account is not the place to just post your available properties and hope for the best. The value comes from positioning yourself as a local expert, someone who can be trusted to deliver reliable information from experience. 

A social media account that is simply a catalogue of available properties without context offers nothing that can’t be found on Rightmove or Zoopla. People simply won't follow and engage with your account for the sake of it- you have to have a ‘giving’ approach to your content and aim to genuinely provide value. 

For example, a social post regarding local schools in the area is unlikely to result in a direct sale for most people at that particular moment. But for parents, its longer-term effect is threefold:

  • Potential customers are invited to consider the lifestyle that a property in the area would provide them. The area (and by extension, your available properties) are considered viable options
  • You have positioned yourself as an expert, someone who can be approached for advice with no obligation 
  • By providing helpful content, you differentiate yourself from other estate agencies that are more concerned with making a sale than helping their clients.

You can add implied value to the property by not just offering the bricks and mortar, but also marketing the local area. People are not simply buying a house when they move, and by highlighting the surrounding amenities you are strengthening your proposition. They are individuals with diverse passions and priorities, so reflect that in your social media posts. Here are some examples of effective local content:

  • Local restaurants and bars
  • Attractions and family days out (museums, theme parks)
  • Educations (schools, universities) 
  • Transport (routes and travel times to nearby cities)

The beauty of this kind of post is they require comparatively little work to produce. High-quality images exist on the internet and can be used in your post without you having to physically visit the location and be an expert in photography. It allows you to post regularly and consistently, nurturing your position in social media algorithms and allowing your posts to be seen by a wider audience of potential clients.

This is property marketing at its best.

Don't just repost images-provide value too. With each post, I recommend a caption of between 50-100 words clarifying the images. A clear, digestible caption that offers value with a call to action; a CTA will help to generate inbound enquires as your audience grows. If the subject of your post has a social profile then tag them! A repost from them will put your profile in front of their local audience, helping you to gain relevant and qualified followers.

Building a social profile specific to your area allows you to nurture your audience and qualify leads. Tailoring the content this way will help you gain a majority of followers who could be considering a move to the area. This means that your time online is spent as a trusted expert engaging with actual potential clients- not as a pushy profiteer trying to make a sale to an audience with no intention of buying.

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