10 Things Recruiters Should Do on Instagram

10 Things Recruiters Should Do on Instagram

In a nutshell

  • Give back
  • Use video content 
  • Share live jobs
  • Use Hashtags
  • Use stories 
  • Share candidate success stories
  • Host live Q&A’s
  • Put a link in the bio
  • Direct message candidates
  • Use location tags

Do recruiters even belong on Instagram?

I imagine most people would say their social platform of choice should be LinkedIn, and while LinkedIn is fantastic for professionals and recruiters, it would be remiss of recruiters to not explore Instagram and its benefits.

Instagram is a huge platform, it has over 2 billion users worldwide, over half of them between the ages of 18-29. Instagram is abundant with individuals and businesses, professionals, students and graduates, but not all of these are going to be on professional sites.

Creating a page for yourself on Instagram widens your professional fishing pool and creates a wider network for you. So how do you find all these potential candidates? Or better still, how do you create content that will let them find you?

Here are 10 things you need to be doing if you’re a recruiter on Instagram:

Give back – Create useful content that helps job seekers. Creating carousel posts with job-seeking tips is incredibly useful, especially from an industry insider. Encourage your followers to share their tips too.

Use video content to share your advice on interview skills: Appropriate attire, answering questions, asking questions and preparation.

Share live jobs that you are recruiting for: Post these on your grid, and on your stories complete with a link to apply. Posting it to both grid and stories means a higher chance of all your followers seeing the job.

Use hashtags: Create your own personal hashtag for people to follow, but also, utilise hashtags in varying popularity to engage with others and increase the chances of users finding your account.

Use stories to share behind the scenes content about your role and the day to day responsibilities of a recruiter.

Share candidate success stories: If individuals give permission, share their journey from applying for a job via you to the interview and accepting the job offer.

Host live Q&A sessions where you can be asked questions from job seekers. This is a great way to be helpful and knowledgeable, whilst showing you are approachable and personable to potential job seekers.

Link in your bio: Using a site such as LinkTree, you can use a link in your bio to direct candidates to job search pages, application pages and useful content for job seekers.

Direct message candidates: You are a recruiter, so send a well thought out message, complete with a job link to candidates if you believe them to be suitable for the role.

Use location tags: When posting your content use location tags for better visibility across the platform. Also, search locations to help pull up individuals within an area that you are recruiting for.

Like all social media and businesses, it's important to build a brand and reputation, create content that people will find useful, cementing yourself as a trustworthy knowledgeable individual within the industry.
Instagram isn’t typical of a recruitment site, but it has untapped potential that could help you find your ideal candidate.

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